Hi! I’m Romain Cochet. I’m a French creator continuously seeking to improve my artistic and writing abilities. My works are mostly inspired by mythology, demons and stories (with a primary interest into fantasy and horror genres). 

About my artworks 

I’ve tried digital art for a while, and even if I enjoy seeing the work of many digital artists, I need to feel the medium. Most of my final artworks are created with ink, gouache or oil painting. I also enjoy using pencils, charcoal and markers when doing sketches, researches or studies. 

My creations mostly represent women (naked or clothed) with either a touch of nature, fantastic or darkness. I love working in series or with a quick story behind the piece. If you want to learn more about artworks and process, you will love my Patreon page

About my writing 

While I stopped drawing for years, I never stop daydreaming about fantastic and horror stories. When I entered middle school, I faced a strict and dislikable French teacher who totally annihilated my desire to write (sure my spelling and grammatical skills were awful). Since I’ve always shied away from writing… until recently. I suddenly felt an urge to tell stories. I’ve tried to combine it with my drawing skills by creating comics, but it took me too many times. Ideas were waiting, one after the others, and I saw the line growing behind the horizon. 

After getting a spot as a beta reader for a new book by Kristen Kieffer, I choose to give myself the authorisation to write crap and see where it will lead me. And after some positive feedback on one of my first short stories, I choose to continue - If you want to read it, just click here

A bit more about me 

I don’t have any formal education into any art or writing skills. I’ve learned with books, videos and recently by attempting to some painting or life drawing classes. I’ve a bachelor in Marketing and Business Development but wasn’t fulfilled by the corporate environment. I was craving for creativity. 

To finish, here are three things I love: 

  • Playing video-game (especially story-driven games. I’m still dreaming about Mass Effect 2, and Life is Strange).

  • Cooking and eating (even if I can be anxious in a restaurant - thanks to my social anxiety).

  • Spending time in nature (not the easiest when you live in a big town).

If you want to collaborate with me or have any questions related to my craft feel free to use the following form: