Guihen Laorans

The sun was high when Léna, Kassandra and Rusty reached Guihen house. It was a small structure made of clay and thatch. Unlike the other village houses, this one manifested the prosperity of its owner. Guihen Laorans build his wealth with his fertile soil. He started with a small domain and quickly turn it into the vast farm it is today. Day after day, he dug trenches, planted seeds and took care of his crops. His hard work paid off with the most coveted wheat of all Oscia. His name spread like fire. He started working with the most reappoint bakery - even Mayflour who work for the royal court.

When the trio finally stopped in front of Guihen's house, Mr Laorans was already standing there. He was perambulating in front of his door. Lost in his own head, he didn't notice his visitors.

His problem started two weeks earlier. One of his robots began to act strangely. His work production commenced decreasing until he makes its first mistake. Instead of collecting wheat like he used to do, he worked the soil digging new trenches, planting new seeds, ruining the harvestable crops.

"Hi, Mr Laorans. Where is the little troublemaker?" asked Kassandra.

"Finally, you're here! I've shut him off like you told me. He is inside the barn. I can't afford a new one... please fix him, Kassandra."

"I'll do my best." she said with a smile. "Come, Rusty. I'll need your help. And don't forget to take my bag. Mr Laorans, I let you deal with my sister for the payment."

Giving him her most beautiful smile, Léna grabbed the client attention. Putting her hand on his shoulder to break his guard, she slowly began her negotiation. The poor Guihen didn't know how good she was.

In the meantime, Kassandra and the robot left them. They walked toward the barn that looked more costly than the house. It was made of Zedral's ironwoods - a sturdy and fire-resistant woods noticeable by its reddish colours - the structure was designed to protect what was stored inside.

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