The barn was surprisingly fresh. Kassandra shivered for a second, while her body adapted to the new temperature. She looked around. Bags of seeds stacked in a corner, wooden boxes full of mystery, strange tools that you only saw in similar farms. Like a child, she only wanted to explore it all, discovering what hidden secret she could find in a hope to use it on her next creation.

"Look, Kassandra. I guess it's what we are looking for." interrupted Rusty.

She followed the direction he pointed at. A silhouette was hidden by an old linen sheet. The two metallic feet uncovered by the fabric were the only way to guess what was hidden under it. Kassandra removed it with a quick and confident hand movement.

The robot was bigger than Rusty. It was a recent model made for wheat farming specifically. His arms were adapted for his duty. A finely crafted set of blades with a small vacuum allowing to collect seeds without damaging them. A robot like that was certainly expensive. Kassandra felt excited to work again on such a rare model.

"Can I do anything to help?" interrupted Rusty again.

"Hum... put my bag here and set a new chip on three. I'll do the rest."

Mechanically, she grabbed a screwdriver and delicately started to remove a plack located at the back of the head. Rusty looked above her. He just saw a mess of wires, chips and other technical things he didn't understand yet. For Kassandra, it was like brain surgery. A delicate and exciting operation. Being able to observe others works and techniques. Trying to understand how and why the robot was made. This was one of her favourite part of the job.

After a few seconds, she raised her hand toward Rusty. Without a look, she asked for the chip.

"Here it is Kassandra." Says Rusty while he delicately placed the chip in her hand.

She incorporated the new chip. Make some lasts adjustment and stood up again.

"Rusty, are you ready for a rebirth?" she said excitedly while she rubbed her greased hands.

The head was still open when Kassandra turned on the robot. Something looked strange...

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