The robot took a minute to light on. His vision came back, and he discovered two silhouettes looking above him. He raised his hands. Observed them like they weren't his own. He looked around quickly and difficulty raised on his feet. If the robot was equipped with a voice processor, the situation could have been different. But trapped in this body made of steel, the robot panicked and start running toward the door.

"Kassandra, I've a bad feeling about it..."

"What colour was the chip you gave me Rusty?"

"Blue, why?"

"... we don't have the time, we need to catch him before he...Fuck!"

On his escape, the panicking robot destroyed a wooden pillar. The small metallic box fixed to it crashed on the floor. It didn't look like something terrible, but this box was a server connected to every robot of the domain. In a second they all shot down. Robots were suddenly stopping in the middle of their action. Guihen, followed by Léna, hurried in the barn.

"What happened here? All of my workers are down! I'm losing money right now! Tell me what happened!"

Léna tried to cool down Guihen while she raised an anxious look toward Kassandra.

"I'm sure it isn't that bad, Mr Laorans. Kassandra, tell him he doesn't need to worry... Kass?"

"I don't have the time to explain, I will. But I need to catch the robot first. Rusty come with me."

A second later Kassandra and Rusty were already too far away to hear Mr Laorans screaming on the poor Léna. She will handle the situation, she always did. But Kassandra needed to fix the situation as fast as possible. Damages were still minimal, but what could happen if the robot escaped from the domain?

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