The robot had run across the field, destroying precious harvest on his escape. Kassandra knew that her paid was lost. But If they were fast enough, they could still keep Mr Laorans as a client. They needed to catch the fugitive before he fled the domain.

Kassandra started to hear some noise. Two or three men were screaming, they sound angry, even mad... She couldn't understand what they were yelling, but she ran toward them. With some luck, the robot will be there too.

Three peoples were standing in front of a small house. The structure was far less impressive than Guihen's one. Despite the fact that the house got a second floor, the construction certainly belongs to poor villagers. It looked so fragile that it could have collapsed with a bit of wind. Kassandra walked toward the woman. She looked panicked, almost crying.

"What happened madame? Is a robot involved with this?"

"He ran toward me... He grabbed my arm, asking for help. He holds me too tight. Look at the mark he left me! I start screaming for help, and my husband ran to save me. He gives this bloody robot a strike on the head. He hit hard enough to make him shivered and let me go."

If Léna was here, she would have put her hand on the woman's shoulder, saying some sweet words to comfort her. But Kassandra was too obsessed by the robot to show any form of empathy.

"Is the robot inside your house?"

"All we have is inside. If he destroyed the house, we wouldn't have the time to get a new shelter before winter... We will have to leave Mr Laorans's domain and go back to my family in Vasir."

Kassandra stopped for a second. Vasir was known to be the worst place of all Oscia. A city ruled by a corrupted man from the royal family, the king cousin to be precise. He earns his reputation of bloody duke by letting criminal away from justice - as long as they provide him with gold, luxury, and... women. If those poor villagers had to go back there... Kassandra shivered from this thought. She had to help her!

Kassandra walked toward the two men.

"If you don't want to go back to Vasir, please stop screaming. I'll fix the situation."

The husband turned toward Kassandra. He raised a threating finger toward her. His brother in law was ready to follow him if he started a fight. They looked like good guys who spend too much time in the local inn. Drinking hale, and fighting with others man to prove who is the stronger. But still looking like kind guys who cared about their family.

"Who are you, miss? Are you responsible for this?"

"Yes, I am... But I'm here to fix the situation."

The man began to move his hand toward Kassandra's neck. He grabbed her, letting her feet move above the ground. Standing on her toes, fighting for air she managed to speak.

"I'm the only one who can fix this. Think about your woman and let me do my work!"

The second man put his hand on the husband arm. The grip loosened up, and Kassandra fell back. She would have ended on the ground if Rusty didn't catch her.

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